Meet Mrs. Michelle

Michelle Allen is a pastor’s wife and Director of Children and Youth at McCormick First Baptist Church (SBC) in McCormick, S.C. She loves God’s Word and loves to make the Bible understandable and memorable. Michelle earned a B.A. in Radio, Television and Film from University of South Alabama. God interrupted her plan of becoming a television reporter with a call to missions. As a single person, she served 2+ years in Germany as an IMB missionary. Michelle then went to New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and earned an M.A. in Missiology. She was two years into receiving a MDiv in Urban Missions when Michael Allen came along and a shorter 2-year degree worked out better. God made it abundantly clear to them that He had put them together. They were married within 6 months of meeting! Michael and Michelle served as IMB missionaries in Madagascar for close to 7 years before returning to the U.S. for Michael to pastor. Michael is an evangelist who loves to tells anyone he meets about Jesus. Michelle has learned a great deal from Michael, who she loves and respects greatly, and is grateful for her life and ministry partner.

Michael and Michelle have been praying to have children for nearly 15 years now. The Lord has been gracious to them in providing many children and young people in their church and community to invest in. Yet, they still feel encouraged by the Lord to keep praying for a miracle child. They continue to pray and trust their loving Lord and Savior who always knows best.

Michelle grew up in Mobile, Alabama as the youngest of four sisters. She was blessed with parents who taught her to love and trust the Lord. Michelle was saved at the age of six years and sought the Lord during her younger years. Unfortunately, she rebelled from the Lord during here teenage and college years. She often tried to “get right” with God but kept failing time and time again until she gave up trying. Praise the Lord for His grace! At the age of 21, the Lord got her attention and showed her the stronghold of pride in her life that was keeping her from walking in victory over sin. Michelle was then radically changed and began seeking the Lord passionately and wholeheartedly. Growing up in church, she learned a lot of Bible stories but never understood how those stories fit together to create the one big story of the Bible. Hungry for God’s Word, Michelle began daily reading not only her Bible but a Children’s Story Bible. She believes the most important thing about studying God’s Word is approaching it with humility.

Teach Me the Bible Stories came about during the Covid-19 shutdown time. Burdened for the children in her community who could no longer attend church, Michelle thought about filming lessons for them. Then, the Lord made the vision bigger and Teach Me the Bible Stories was launched. Michelle has been so personally blessed by studying God’s Word and teaching at this slower pace through the Scriptures that she didn’t want to stop. She feels God wants her to teach through the whole Bible. She is doing her best to honor and respect God’s Word, yet make the lessons appropriate for younger listeners. Michelle has been tickled and a little amazed by the number of adults participating. Even though the videos are primarily taught with older children in mind, she loves that adults can join in too. Since God’s Word is meant to be shared, Michelle would love for all participants to learn and then share what they learn with someone else.

Michelle wants to give a huge thanks to Candience Fulmore who has been a major encourager and support! Candience has put this website together, given great suggestions and taught her a great deal about Social Media!

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