Instructions and Suggestions:

  1. Pray a simple prayer before watching each video lesson. For example: “Lord, help me to understand and learn Your Story. May Your life-changing Word be living and active in my life.”
  2. Watch Video and answer all questions out loud. Don’t just watch hand motions; do them. You will be amazed at how much more you will retain if you actively participate.
  3. If you are watching with a child, celebrate with the child when he or she gets answers correct and actively participates. It is great for children to associate God’s Word with love and encouragement!
  4. Use the pause button throughout entire lesson, if you need more time to think and answer.
  5. For visual learners or for those wanting to see the main points in writing, print the Lesson Visuals (found below each lesson). There is an end of the video quiz that can be printed out but make sure the Lesson Visuals are viewed before the written quiz. (It’s not fair to ask someone to write down an answer that they have never seen in writing.) There is also a Quiz with Answers that the test moderator can use.
  6. Coloring Pages can be found below each lesson too. Some kids can benefit from coloring while they listen. Or kids can color after the lesson as parents talk to their children about what they learned. Try to have the child retell the story.
  7. At the end of each video, do the two assignments that are given: Assignment #1: Read the text in the Bible. Make sure it was told correctly and let God’s Word be further implanted. For younger kids, read the story from a story book Bible, if possible. Assignment # 2. Tell someone what you learned. Please don’t skip this step. God’s Word is to be shared!! There are multiple benefits: A) when a person retells what they just learned, the information gets further implanted. B) Sometimes as you retell, you realize you don’t know it as well as you hoped. That’s okay. Go back to the video lesson or the Bible and fill in the missing pieces. C) Whoever hears the story or the information learned, benefits. If the story can be told to someone who doesn’t know Jesus or the Bible, even better! We have good news to spread!!
  8. Parents, two video lessons a week are suggested. Ideal schedule: Monday: Watch the lesson video and talk about the story. Tuesday: Read Bible passage. Wednesday: Looks at visuals and have child take written quiz. Retell story in own words. (Visuals and written quiz below each lesson.) Thursday: Watch the next lesson video…. Sunday: Worship the Lord Jesus in local church and rest.

Please Do Not:
Use these resources for commercial gain in any way, this includes downloads or creating products.

Use these for any reason other than education and teaching about God.

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