Q and A

Q: What is the mission?
A: The Mission of Teach me the Bible Stories is to teach Bible Stories and truth about Jesus with memorable lessons, simple enough kids can understand yet enjoyable for anyone. The goal is to go chronologically through all the key Bible Stories in order to tell the Story of God as He revealed Himself in His Word.

Q: What is the vision? A: People reading and studying the Bible daily with greater understanding and hunger for the much needed truth of God’s Word.
Q: What do you believe about the Bible? A: The Bible is God’s Word for mankind. The Bible has no errors, is completely true, and has all authority.
Q: What do you believe about Jesus? A: God loved all people so much that He sent His Son Jesus to earth to die on a cross as a sacrifice to pay the penalty for the sins of mankind. Jesus lived a perfect, sinless life, died on a cross, was buried, and was raised from the dead three days later. Jesus is alive! Jesus is completely God and completely man. He is the Son of God, the Christ, Lord, Savior, King, Judge, and Creator of the universe.
Q: What do you believe about salvation? A: Jesus offers every person forgiveness of their sin, eternal life, and a relationship with God free as a gift. This salvation is free and cannot be earned, but it does not come automatically. Every person must repent of his or her sins, believe in Jesus as God the Son who died on the cross and was raised again, and receive Jesus as Savior and Lord in order to receive salvation. People are saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. Salvation is available to every person in the world and it should be the mission of every saved person to make sure the message of salvation found only in Jesus is made known.
Q: Why do people need to be saved? A: All people have sinned by disobeying God’s commands. Sin separates us from God because God is holy and perfect. Separation from God causes spiritual death since God is the only source of life. All people need Jesus to have life with God and to have a life here on earth with meaning and purpose. We need Jesus to give us strength to obey God and follow His instructions. Sin causes harm and only through Jesus can we overcome the power of sin. We also need to be saved so that we can have eternal life, life forever with the Lord God. Not everyone goes to heaven, only those who are saved by Jesus. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life, no one comes to the Father except through Jesus!
Q: Who is your target audience? A: I write and record the lessons with a 4th or 5th grader in mind but hoping mom is listening too. From the responses I’ve received, kids as young as 4 and adults in their 80s and everything in between are participating. I realize that some things may be over the head of 4-year-old kids but parents are often surprised by how much they pick up. So many adults are enjoying these because they either missed learning these stories when they were young or they are enjoying being reminded. I am happy for anyone to spend time focused on God’s story! I would love to be a resource for home-school parents or any parent who wants to follow God’s instructions to teach their children the truth of the Bible.
Q: How did Teach Me the Bible Stories Start? A: In short, Jesus and Covid-19! When the country shut-down, I was in the middle of teaching a ladies Bible study going through the Old Testament. I was also in the middle of teaching in our Wednesday night church outreach program to kids, our Sunday nights outreach program to youth and our Good News Club program at the local elementary school. All those ministries stopped immediately but out of that came Teach Me the Bible Stories. When the Lord planted the idea in my head, I had such an excitement and a clear sense of knowing that this was what I was supposed to do. I’m still far from an expert when it comes to YouTube and video production. I have learned a lot in the process though. You will notice that the videos improve in quality from one to the next. Part of me wants to go back and correct my early videos but that would keep me from moving on. And I am having so much fun studying God’s Word and preparing these lessons. God’s Word is truly amazing and such a gift to us!!!

with Michael
with Candience

with Kids

Q: How does your logo and website look so good? A: Candience Fulmore! Candience is a fellow church member and busy home-school mom with 4 children. She greatly encouraged me to do the Teach Me the Bible Stories videos when I was feeling quite insecure about it. And then she offered her skills in developing the logo and making this website. Thank you my sweet friend!!
Q: Why a tree for the Logo? A: We see the Tree of Life in Genesis, the first book of the Bible, and in Revelation, the last book of the Bible. Ultimately, Jesus is the Tree of Life (source of life) and we see Jesus throughout the whole Bible. And since, the goal is to go through all the stories of the Bible then Tree of Life seemed perfect!
Q: What is your spiritual, educational, and ministry background? A: I grew up in Mobile, AL, the youngest of 4 girls and blessed with strong Christian parents. My mom led me to the Lord when I was six. I had a great love for the Lord when I was young. But I unfortunately spent my teenage and young adult years far away from the Lord. In God’s mercy, I surrendered to the Lord at the age of 21 when I finally realized how miserable I was living in opposition to God’s will for my life. I graduated with a communications degree but then the Lord called me to missions. I spent 2+ years in Germany with the Internal Mission Board (IMB) reaching out to German youth with the message of Jesus. I was humbled in Germany because Germans ask hard questions. God used that to give me a desire to go to seminary. I returned to the U.S. and started my studies at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. I met my life and mission’s partner in my 4th semester. After my first long conversation with Michael, I felt humbled by his intense pursuit of the Lord, knowledge of God’s Word and boldness is witnessing. I thought, “I want my future husband to be a spiritual leader like that.” I wasn’t thinking at all that he was my future husband. Being married to Michael is wonderful in many ways but it is also great training. He has taught me so much about God’s Word, prayer and sharing the Gospel. He also encourages me to live out the calling God has placed on my life. While still taking seminary classes by extension, Michael and I had the privilege of serving together on church staff in Atlanta area. Michael was associate pastor and I was the youth and children’s director. After receiving an M.A. in Missiology (Missions), Michael and I served close to 7 years in Madagascar as missionaries. We worked a lot in rural areas with people who could not read well. So instead of doing Bible studies with open Bibles, we taught them the Story of God through Bible Stories. It is amazing how much theology and Christian doctrine can be learned by learning Bible stories! God’s Word is amazing! We returned to the U.S. in 2015 when God called Michael to pastor. Since 2015, Michael has been the pastor of McCormick First Baptist Church (SC). One year later, the door opened for the church to hire me as their youth and children’s ministry director. In 2021, the Lord called Michael to pastor Rice Memorial Baptist Church in Greenwood, SC but since Greenwood isn’t too far away, I am continuing to work at MFBC.
Q: Do you have children? A: Michael and I have been married 15 years and have struggled with infertility. In man’s eyes, it is impossible for us to have biological children and so far, God has not given us the green light on adopting. Instead, we are prayerfully waiting on and trusting in our miracle-working God. If He wants us to have a child, nothing is impossible for Him. I’m with kids and young people all the time though. So even though I don’t have kids that wake me up in the middle of the night, God has given us kids to minister to and share His love with. And for that, I am thankful!
Q: How many different tops do you have? A: I’m a thrift store shopper. While my husband fishes on most Fridays, I like to go out hunting – for incredible deals, that is. I love the $1 rack at my local Goodwill. So yes, I have too many tops! I also like finding deals for other people too!